Mommy and Me is NOT for Your Baby

Mommy and Me is not for your baby…

She will never remember this, but you will.
She will never remember this, but you will.

And if you think it is, you likely have not attended your first class. Sure, Mommy and Me offers great opportunities for your babies to be visually stimulated, have some toys to play with and songs to listen to, but ultimately, Mommy and Me is, always, for Mommy.

Bella and I attended our first Mommy and Me class just before she was two months old. At that time, all Bella really needed to be stimulated was her tummy time mat and a good look at her hands, but I ventured forth nonetheless. I was determined to immerse myself in a room full of moms with their babies, observe them in their natural environments, and engage in conversation about all things baby.

My plan worked. In one very quick hour, all of the mommies sitting Indian-style on the carpet with me covered topics from baby wearing, to sleep training, to the in-laws, co-sleeping, baby led weaning, nipple sizes, diaper brands and beyond. A common favorite was the “I wish my husband would” conversation. While the lovely class leader tried to sing over us, everyone shared stories that made each of us feel that much better about our newest full time job.

We laughed at the husband who gags during diaper changes and the mommy who changed her sons diaper on the side of I-95 in rush hour traffic. We commiserated over the loss of friendships due to our new lives, the challenge of having somanygoddam’ visitors, losing the baby weight, the cost of formula. It was like a very inexpensive, very helpful therapy session that I had been yearning for since the day Bella entered my life. Who would have thought opening up to a room full of strangers could suddenly make you feel so connected, and dare I say it, NORMAL??

Before leaving, a bunch of us kept chatting in the parking lot while shushing and trying to calm our now exhausted babies. We exchanged names for social media purposes, and everyone offered up their favorite Mommy and Me classes in the area. One class became two, two became four, and all the while new mommies joined to “give their baby some stimulation”. It was clear to me then why EVERY mommy needs to fit these classes into their lives. After all, you just might make a great friend or two… Oh, and your baby might too!

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