To the Mama Who Cursed Me Out

To the pretty young frustrated mama who cursed me out in H&M yesterday, it’s ok- I understand 
You were frazzled, I get it. Your adorable infant son flailing around in your arms as your husband stood by with the stroller, dumbfounded. It’s ok- I understand. 
The store’s loud music blaring, aggravating your son even more while people stepped around you to pay for their purchases – it’s ok, I understand. 
Your snide comment about my “perfect hair” and “little dress” making me appear to have “never come in contact with a baby in my life” – it’s ok, I understand. 
The truth is, pretty mama – I too am a mom. A mom of an infant, a teething infant, an infant who also seems to lose her mind in h&m – every single time. 
The dress I was wearing? Yes it was kind of little- but I can assure you it took me months to fit back in to, and has been blessed with baby bodily fluids of all kinds, multiple times. 
My hair? Cleverly blown out to hide all the grays- the grays that seem to grow more rapidly with each passing day of being a mama with not enough time, only two hands and never enough money. 
My baby? She was home, home with her dad who (bless his loving heart) would have also stood by confused and frustrated mid-tantrum. In fact, I never could have gotten him to join me on a shopping trip on a Sunday morning (how did you do that?!)
In fact, it took more effort than you can imagine to finally get to h&m yesterday. It took 2 months, 3 unsuccessful mall trips, and one husband willing to wake up early on a Sunday morning to watch our baby girl – just so I can make my return.
I too, have learned the hard way, that a shopping trip is best done sans baby. I probably looked as great as you were angry at me for looking because of the happiness that comes with the feeling of being free – free to focus on nothing but myself for 30 minutes. Two free hands to peruse the sale racks. A walking path free of stroller struggle. 
I guess what I hadn’t learned (until I crossed your path) – is never to ask a frazzled mama with a flailing infant in her arms – whether or not she is waiting in line to pay, and just assume it best to stand behind her.
I’m sorry mama, but it’s ok- I totally understand. 

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