The New Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning 9:30am

 Saturday mornings used to not exist. Sleep til noon, stumble out of bed, on to the next beach day or boat ride or BBQ.Saturday mornings were for sleeping, passed over like a fruit bowl on a dessert buffet- useless and unnecessary.

Saturday mornings were selfish. Quiet. Empty. Full of nothing.

That was then.

Now, every other morning of the week feels like the beginning of an endless countdown to Saturday morning. To that magical 9:30 time when things start happening. To my husbands yawn and stretch that leads me into his arms. To the first stirs of Bella in her crib, a giggle, that cute sound she makes when she stretches. To the pitter patter of blue’s nails on the wood floor of the living room, waiting patiently for the morning to begin.

“She’s up” he whispers to me with his arm wrapped around my waist. Within seconds I make my way across the house to the little pink sanctuary filled with smells of mustela, desitin, and sweetness. There’s a smile waiting for me there.. A big one.

“Good morning my princess” I say, as I scoop her into my arms and feel her cheek press in to mine, that feeling I long for, day in and day out. 

“Daddy’s waiting for us,” I whisper as we head back across the house. With blue leading the way, we all pile back in bed, together. 

It’s Saturday morning, 9:30am now – the new Saturday morning. The one I’ve waited for all week. The one that is anything but selfish or useless or full of nothing. This one is full of love, warmth, cuddles, kisses, is far from quiet and so close to heaven. The one that passes way too quickly- but with no boat ride or BBQ in sight, 9:30 becomes noon, and we’re likely still here, piled into bed together… 

And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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