Your Shelter From the Storm

What is a Doula?

In technical terms? The word “Doula”, in Greek, means “a woman who serves another woman”.

Put more simply, “a female caregiver”.

But a Doula’s job is not simple.

If it were, anybody could do it.

A Doula’s job is complicated, in the most beautiful and unique way possible – much like a woman.

Here is how I believe the word “Doula” should really be defined:

A Doula is your soul sister – mentally, physically, and spiritually connected to you during your most intimate and powerful journey.

A Doula is your road map, your tour guide, your compass, even when the path seems impossible to navigate.

A Doula is your warrior, your guaranteed soldier – even when you fear you may surrender.

A Doula is your representation in the court of childbirth – helping you win your fight.

A Doula is your voice of reason, your focus and your logic (when all three seem to have left the building).

A Doula has you constantly in her mind, from the minute you meet, until your baby is in your arms and even after you are back home and settled into your new life as a mother.

A Doula is your shelter from the storm, your umbrella, your warm pair of socks, your hot cup of tea.

A Doula is your biggest fan, in awe of each move you make, your own personal cheering section.

A Doula is your solace, with two hands ready to ease any pain and turn it into bliss.

A Doula believes in the incredible powers of the woman, and of mother nature. A Doula thrives in the magic that happens when these two forces combine.

A Doula is your bodyguard, working constantly to block out negative thoughts (and negative people) from your beautiful birth experience.

A Doula will always be on call for YOU, will not change shifts at 7am, and will not have left the room in your greatest time of need.

A Doula will always, ALWAYS, have your best interests at heart, working tirelessly to follow through with your dream experience.

A Doula will always believe in the power and strength that you carry with you as you give new life, and will remind you of that until that last groan and roar.

A Doula does not only work to serve you, she is honored to be your labor companion, your chosen source of compassion, love, and support during childbirth.

A Doula, is the best choice you can make.

Neither of these women are me, but both are my heroes. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU D.Z.
Neither of these women are me, but both are my heroes. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU D.Z.

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