It’s the Little Things 

Maybe less than a year ago it wasn’t about the little things. At least looking back, it seemed like I needed so much more. Flowers for no reason, dinner at my favorite overpriced restaurant just because… An expensive babymoon (pregnant mamas, trust me, take a staycation).  

When they say motherhood changes you, it’s not just because you’ve fallen so in love with your little creation that sometimes you think your heart will burst. It’s more than that. 
Life suddenly makes sense. 

You appreciate the sunset in your own backyard. The freedom that comes with a solo trip to Whole Foods.  

The hug your husband gives you for no reason. Your mom’s phone call just to check in (omg Mom, what would I do without your help?!). 

The friend who drops by with nothing more but a smile. 

Life becomes all about so much more, the bigger picture. But really, It’s the little things.
A few more minutes of sleep, a “don’t worry, I’ll get up.” It’s the little things.
A “let me give you a break, you look tired.” It’s the little things.
A “you look beautiful,” when your eyes are as puffy as your muffin top. It’s the little things.
A “I washed the bottles while you were out.” It’s the little things.
A “you’re amazing,” when you feel like collapsing. It’s the little things.
A hug just because you look like you can use one. It’s the little things. 
A “I picked up some chocolate while I was out.” It’s the little things. 
A look of, “you’re my baby mama, you have my heart forever.” It’s the little things.
Ladies, if your partner in this thing called parenthood does any one of these things- then you can join me on the lucky list. 
And to the partners of these ladies, of these beautiful, fearless, strong women who gave you a child… If your woman has realized the greater importance of the little things, for goodness sakes, cherish her. 
And if you are a strong single mama, much like mine was, doing this all on your own, I salute you, oh lord, how I salute you. And if I could give you a night off, a back rub, and some extra sleep, believe me I would… 
But do yourselves a favor, share this with the one person closest to you. It’s ok to say, I need a minute to myself. 

Because in the bigger picture, it’s all about the little things.

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