Lust for Life

Enjoy your life now, because once that baby comes, it’s all over!

Do you know how many times I had to hear that statement throughout my 9 long months of pregnancy? Of course you do, because if you’re pregnant or have ever been busy growing a human being in your body, some miserable wench likely made this comment to you, too.

Maybe, just maybe, if I got pregnant 10 years ago, in the heyday of my “nothing matters except what to wear to the club” phase, then sure, my life might have been in for some major renovations and adjustments.

But my body started growing this child when the ache in my heart for a baby of my own rose to insurmountable capacity. When I envisioned my husband and I, over and over, cradling a yummy newborn, picking out nursery furniture, taking our first family trip to Disney World and reading bedtime stories.

When it hit me that I had the power to be someone’s mommy, someone’s superhero- someone’s everything.

So what was going to be over for me once I gave birth to my daughter? My late nights downtown? My weekend hangovers? My constant need to shop, exercise and shop some more to fill a void? Ok, I’m pretty sure I could handle that, I thought to myself.

My friendships weren’t going to end, hell, half my friends were pregnant with me anyway. And if someone didn’t want a part of my new baby world, fuck ’em, I figured. And I was right, my friends and I have grown even closer through motherhood and through the love they have for my daughter.

Old Friend + Baby = Good Times at the W pool party
Old Friend + Baby = Good Times at the W pool party

My lust for life wasn’t going to end – I was just going to have a new little person with me to experience life with, I thought. And I was right, nothing is more gratifying than being able to tote my Bella with me through all parts of my daily life. Of course it involves more work than just worrying about myself – but I love it… I LOVE IT.

Traveling? Sure, it would be slightly more difficult, but what’s better than showing your child the world? We haven’t gotten very far yet, but we’re busy getting ready for our first trip this weekend and I am overjoyed thinking about the sweet family photos we’ll be able to add to her baby album.

Wild nights out downtown? Haha, about a month after Bella was born, Eliot and I tried this. We couldn’t get home fast enough after we finished dinner, hence, we never even made it to a bar. And I was right, this new “night out” was fine for us- we couldn’t wait to get home and get comfortable, and stare at our precious little lady on the monitor.

Beach days? Why would these have to end? We live in south Florida, and our child had the CUTEST collection of swimwear before she even came into the world m. And I was right- sure we’ve had a few solo trips to the sand, but the cutest ones have been with our baby, who can’t get enough of the fresh air, people watching and crystal blue waters.

So, you see, my pregnant friends, life absolutely does not end when baby arrives. It can’t. You’re instantly motivated to live better, love harder, laugh more.

The fun isn’t over, the music hasn’t died and the people you know don’t just suddenly vanish into thin air.

The opposite happens really.

With the birth of your child, you yourself are born again, with a new outlook, a new attitude, a new lust for life. You have millions of new memories to be made, moments to enjoy and years upon years of life to live. You can’t wait to start living life with this new extension of you by your side.

Here is my warning to expecting families: feel free to enjoy your lives now, but once baby comes, expect it to get that much better.

It’s life- amplified.

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