Thanks, Football. An Ode to Football-Watching Daddies

The return of football season…
I’ve dreaded September the way children dread going back to school. The way my bank account dreads the 1st of the month. The way most people dread root canals.
Ok, maybe that last one was a little dramatic. But really, the start of football season means one thing and one thing only in my house – as long as there are men in tights on the TV screen, life outside the home ceases to exist.
Mamas, if your husband is one of these men… I can already feel you sympathizing.
It is a beautiful day in South Florida today. The kind with no humidity, where you feel grateful for the tiny drop in air temperature that happens this time of year. While out and about with the baby completing all our errands before 10am (yes you read that right), I bumped into my favorite neighbor, also a new mama, and also, the wife of a guy who lives for football season. The exhausted look she gave me told me all I needed to know… She’s on her own this weekend to take care of the home, their daughter, their errands… I mean, obviously her husband needed extra sleep after attending a Miami game last night. 
It is beyond ironic that I ended up falling in love with a football loving southern dude. A college-football-loving southern dude, no less. They take their college football games more seriously than some of us take our jobs, and this is no exaggeration.
I had been schooled early on, on the importance of these games and why he needs to watch them. Why we must schedule date-nights, play dates, family events around the Georgia Bulldogs football calendar. My husband literally sent me the schedule of games for the whole season one year, just so I can “plan accordingly”. Sigh.
I know to wear my Bulldogs gear on Saturdays. The baby even has her own cheerleading costume to wear on weekends. There is a giant red, black and white “G” hanging in my living room. I even did a photoshoot in Georgia gear for my husbands wedding present. I’m a good wifey, right?
But, I’m a girl on the go. Sitting around watching a sport I have no interest in is NOT for me I love being out of the house all day, in fact this ass never even sees the couch on a beautiful weekend day if it doesn’t have to. My daughter seems to have the same personality as me… So… This leaves us in kind of a lurch when it comes to family time.
Again mamas, if your husband is this guy, I can totally hear you agreeing with me.
But as much as I hated football and all the time it took away from what I love doing most… Let me tell ya why I’ve learned to appreciate it, and why my husband is a better man for having this obsession. (This sick, all-consuming obsession)
Yesterday, just before the start of the Georgia game, my husband called his grandfather, who even in his old age, watches HIS favorite team religiously. And like clockwork, my husband gets on the phone before each game, to make jokes about his team, make sure his grandpa knows that we are watching too, and to just “check in” with his grandparents up in the North Carolina mountains. My eyes teared up as he was ending the call- my husband is a man of deep-rooted traditions you see, and this makes him a much better, more reliable man.
This morning, when returning exhausted from errands in the early morning hours, I knew my husband would be, where else? On the couch, ready for Sunday games, and more than willing to hang with his little cheerleader child while I laid down for a few moments. My husband is a loyal fan, you see, which proves even more how loyal he is in all other aspects of his life. 
The predictability of finding my husband on the couch, game after game, with that glazed over look of “I couldn’t possibly tear myself away from this TV if I tried,” used to annoy me beyond words. But this predictability has become comfort to me. His tradition, his loyalty to the game, means he’s home with us, trying his hardest to get us to watch with him and share in his excitement. He’s not out and about, nowhere to be found, he’s teaching our 8 month old daughter a family tradition I knew nothing about. My husband loves family time, you see, and even though it’s not the kind of family togetherness I’d choose, it’s perfect for this stage in our lives.
So it’s Sunday, and the shades are drawn in our living room so that not a single ray of sunlight shines on the almighty TV. My husband has been in there all day, surrounded by the playpen, a Baby Einstein jumper, and a dizzying amount of toys and snacks….
And I’m at the hair salon getting my color done. And all of a sudden I can’t wait to get home.
Thanks football. 

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