When You Find the Nanny Half-Naked…

I just walked in my door to find the Nanny wearing nothing but a towel.  Her bra was also on, and I’m going to hope she had some sort of underwear on underneath my favorite Pottery Barn beach towel.  But I walked in, tired and stressed from a long day, to find my child’s nanny half-naked (and my child, fully naked).

… Because Bella had thrown up all over her and ruined her clothes, the Nanny’s clothes, and my couch.

I’m so sorry if you thought this would be a juicier tale of scandal and betrayal, but no, it’s just a story about my nanny and my child’s bodily fluids.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  After a long sleepless night, followed by a very busy work day, I came in the door anxious to see my little babe and head over to my best friends house, only to find out that she’s now been plagued with the stomach bug that is circulating at school (as if her ear infection and chronic cough weren’t enough).

I had spent two weeks desperate to find a nanny to watch her until she was feeling better.  TWO WEEKS.  I thought, well, if I just keep her home until she’s got all this ear infection crap out of her system, she’ll be fine, right?


As Mamas, we plan, we stress, we try our hardest to control each situation and then BAM – it hits you…  Motherhood is a game of EVERYTHING being beyond your control.

As is life, actually, but when it comes to motherhood, you become instantly torn between wanting to control every situation so that your child never feels any pain, discomfort or disappointment, and letting nature just take it’s course and dealing with things as they come.

The latter, my friends, is the magic.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I plunged head-first into motherhood completely terrified of how my anxious, type-A personality would affect my child.

That’s why, when I took my little creation home from the hospital and confronted my postpartum anxiety, HEAD ON, I learned to adopt a more “take things as they come” type of personality.

Sure, it still sucks when she gets sick every other day, has unexplained diarrhea on a car ride to a friends house while wearing a brand new dress, or randomly starts waking up at 4am on weekends ready to play – but, repeat after me mamas, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

This too shall pass, and one day, you’ll miss the 4am cuddles.

My husband and I spent the first 6 weeks of Bella’s life completely terrified of making one wrong move, and then we loosened the hell up and learned to laugh.

Because when you find your Nanny in a towel and your baby in the nude, there’s nothing you CAN do, but laugh.


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