You Say Chanel, I Say Tar-jay

The Mommy Divide…

It only took a few weeks… I went back to work full-time, had to plop my princess in day care, and faster than you can say “let’s meet at Bal Harbour for lunch,” I found myself on the other side.

The other side of life as I knew it.

The other side of the life I loved.

I spent almost 7 blissful months at home doing what I loved best – mommying.

I spent the moments in between with other mommies, and came home at the end of each day happy, fulfilled and ready to wife my ass off.

I am not that person anymore, as much as it kills me – but everyone else in my life and everyone I hold so true to my heart stayed behind in that world.  The uncomplicated, stress-free world where babies aren’t constantly sick from day care and lunches happen on your own time with the people you enjoy, rather than on a very tight schedule with cold leftovers in a Tupperware.

So what’s a girl to do?  Well, bitch about it, constantly – for one thing.

Just kidding….


I’m human – albeit a sensitive human, but never mind that.  It feels awful to no longer be able to join the group for play dates, tote my baby along to mommy and me classes, lunch with other mommy friends or just take a stroll in the mall.  I feel a giant surge of jealousy coarse through my veins like a $10 Whole Foods smoothie from days past each time I respond to an invitation with, “I can’t, I have to work.”  I sometimes find myself avoiding social media on my really stressful days just to avoid the stinging realness of my reality.

But my reality is now all-consuming.

It’s work hard and maybe if you’re lucky, you can play a little when you’re done.

It’s 2 hours of quality time with my child in place of long, fun-filled days of carefree living.

It’s rushing to Target on borrowed time for necessities instead of browsing Bloomingdale’s with friends.

It’s seeing friends once-in-a-blue-moon and only if my baby won’t infect theirs – which basically means never.

It is … what it is.

But I’ve realized a few things since leaving my happy little world behind.  I know it’s cliche and it’s been said a million times – but it’s so true.  The people who are your true friends, the ones in good times and in bad, will merely see this divide as an extra stop-over on the way to everlasting friendship.

…and they won’t mind when on your only day off from work, you ask them to hang out at Target.FullSizeRender(12)

One thought on “You Say Chanel, I Say Tar-jay

  1. Hang in there Michelle. I remember going back after 9 months at home. It was really hard and I did sadly lose some friendships…just because we couldn’t relate at all anymore. But I found my groove and honestly, there are a lot of things about being a mom with a career that I’m insanely proud of and wouldn’t change. I’d be happy to discuss those things with you off of a public forum. Stay strong, it does get easier. Xo


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