You May Say I’m a Dreamer…

I stopped at 7-11 Saturday morning on my way to Pilates, for a cold bottle of water – the morning after the Paris destruction.
As I paid and made my way out the door, the kind, frail, elderly store clerk said – “be safe out there, our world keeps getting scarier”.
He was right. He IS right. Our world, the world where hundreds of people, thousands even, are slaughtered at one time, for no reason at all – is the world we can’t escape.
As the news broke Friday night, my husband and I laid in bed silently watching cnn, each update and body count giving us chills. As a survivor gave his live account of what exactly occurred inside the Bataclan, the horrifying details of people being shot at random, the hairs of the back of my neck stood up. My husband must have felt the same way, because he held me closer and squeezed my arm – and almost instantly, tears rolled down my cheeks.
I knew what he was thinking in that moment. It’s because it was the same thing I was thinking…
…”holy shit, how did we bring a kid into this cold, angry world?”
If you’ve read any of my previous work, you’ll know I’m a big liberal mush- a huge fan of kindness, and a believer that everyone – EVERYONE in this world should be treated with respect. 
How am I supposed to raise my daughter to always “do the right thing” when everything seems so wrong?
How am I supposed to teach her that being a kind and compassionate human will get her the same treatment in return?
How am I supposed to prepare her to be a strong, independent out there in the world, when the world always seems ready to take you down? 
How, HOW am I supposed to explain why these horrible, traumatic and devastating events occur day after day, in countries all over the world, where only the innocent seem to suffer?
Well. The bad news is, this will be a very difficulty task.
The good news? I was taught to have hope. To be positive in the face of all negativity. To hold on to the good even if seems to be slipping away.
And I will teach her that all the world needs, is more good people.
(And a lot more love).

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