We Don’t Do Resolutions Around Here

I saw a meme on Facebook this morning that mocked the idea of resolutions, and I loved it… It went something like,

“It’s almost time for that ‘new year, new me’ bullshit.”

Bullshit is a great word for it.  The idea of becoming a “new me” seems rather pointless and vapid, if you ask me.  I like the “me” that I am, the me that I’ve been, and the me that I’ve presented since 32 years ago.

It may as well be 1983 up in this bitch because I plan on bringing all the same goodness, kindness, and generosity to the world that I’ve brought since way back when.  Since I learned as a child that it is important to be your best self always, not just at the start of a new year.

Change is good.  I get it.

Change your hair, change your job, change your style…Fine.

Sure I’d love to be in better shape, keep a more organized home, clear my debt and repaint the playroom. And if all of these things really mattered so much to me, I would have done them already.

This is exactly why I could never quite understand the idea of “resolutions”.

What happened to now? To carpe diem? To seizing the fucking day and then some?


In my house, we’re not doing resolutions.  My daughter will be taught that if you want to be better – start now.

If you want to be happier – start now.

If you want to make a change in any part of your life – do not wait.  Time is not guaranteed.

If you want something, need something, or think you can make something happen – do it today.  Not tomorrow.

And if you want to look a different way – you’re wasting your time, because I think you’re perfect as you are – but shit, go for it, and don’t wait – make yourself happy.

Happiness CANNOT wait. Be happy now, now, NOW!

Starting now, you will have to be your best at being kind.  At being loyal, honest, generous and happy.  These things cannot wait for tomorrow, for another day, or worse, a new year.

We have today, and today only – because who knows what tomorrow brings.  So instead of bringing your best to 2016 – bring it to today.

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Could it even get better than this, anyway?



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