Your Only Child Only Turns One, Once

I am vehemently planning my soon-to-be ONE-YEAR-OLD’S first birthday.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Almost as ridiculous as having just spent $69.99 (plus tax!) on a “My 1st Birthday” board, that I’m pretty sure no one will appreciate as much as me.

But hey, YOLO, or Your Only Child Only Turns One, Once (YOCOTOO).

What started out as an, “only family, only in our home” affair, has now turned in to the exact opposite.

A great number of our closest friends and family – relatives from out of town included –  at a very chic, VERY beloved locale of my daughter, her baby friends, and my mommy friends.

I was up until 1am last night, scrolling Etsy to find nothing but the BEST and cutest birthday decor, pink and gold, with crowns. Pink and gold confetti. Pink and gold banners. Pink and gold tablecloths, plates, socks for our guests – it it’s gold and pink, it’s in my Etsy shopping cart.

On the Pilates reformer this morning at 7:30am, I thought, “Am I crazy or just really cute and detailed?”

Don’t answer that.

So, as I am clearly not phased by the thought of being crazy, I keep planning away.

And the tears won’t stop coming.

She IS only One ONCE.  She IS my first baby – the game-changing factor in my life that made me fall in love with being alive, with being her mother, with the person that I am.

She WILL be celebrated. It WILL be as special as I can possibly make it. There WILL be tears, and cake smashing, and matchy-matchy themed decor.

There WILL be memories made, maybe that she won’t be able to remember,  but with pictures that will tell a story to my Bella that strongly and proudly says,

“You are your parents EVERYTHING Bella, and this party is evidence of that.”

So on that note, it’s back to planning. And shopping.







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