A Brief History of 1st Birthday Party Awesomeness

There are two types of people in this world…Those that go totally over-the-top for their kid’s birthday parties, and those who seem slightly confused on the meaning of life.

Sure, I’ve been accused of being a little too “much” from time to time – but in the case of my first child’s first birthday party, I’m sticking to my guns and defending the notion.

Life is short, tomorrow is not at all promised, and if today were the last day on earth, at least I can say I threw my daughter an amazing first birthday party – one that celebrates and showcases my love for her.

Her first birthday party was not just a celebration of her first year on earth, it was a celebration of who she has made me- a Mother.

And a damn good one, at that.

With a little too much pink, a little too much gold, a whole lot of sparkle and an incredible group of friends and family, I bring to you…

Bella’s First Birthday Party!










Like what you see? That’s because I was lucky enough to find the dopest photographer in South Florida.

Remember – Your memories are only as good as the person who captures them for you!

Check out Michelle Sarkissian’s work here.

2 thoughts on “A Brief History of 1st Birthday Party Awesomeness

  1. I love it ALL………..the pink and the gold, the cake and icing on her face and hands, the smiles and joy that jumps out of everyone there celebrating Bella #1……..looks like Bella has lots of friends who enjoyed her birthday also!
    Thank you Michelle for such a beautiful and splashy birthday……..Bella may or may not remember it all, but
    you and Eliot and Nonnie and Herb and Grammy and Pops will never forget. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be there in the middle of all of the fun. The wonders of this child has spread all around. Thank you Michelle and Eliot, as the saying goes: YOU DID GOOD! we love you bluenana and dangdang


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