Behind the Scenes…

No, I am not that Mama sitting at home carefully perfecting Pinterest recipes and homemade Playdoh recipes- don’t worry though, I’ve definitely tried, just like the rest of you.

I am proudly that Mama that runs to the grocery store way too late in the day to start whipping up a meal idea that popped into my very  busy mind.

I am proudly that Mama that breaks a sweat putting the stroller in the car, taking it out, putting it back in, taking it back out etc.

I am proudly that Mama that gets down on the floor, wherever I am, to play with my baby girl and my dog-son, and then strolls the streets of South Florida with dog hair hanging off my leggings.

We are really, really, real in my household.  Hence the whole “keeping motherhood real” thing.

Motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies.  It’s a lot of tears and “whatthefuckdoidonow?” moments.

It’s messy.

There are AMPLE bodily fluids involved.

Insurmountable amounts of cheerios/puffs/cheese pieces picked up off the floor.

Sleepless nights.

Tired eyes, lots of mascara, LOTS of concealer.

It’s beautiful. More beautiful than you can imagine. But you don’t have to think so – you have to think YOUR version of motherhood is beautiful.

We are all just in this to figure it out together, and we NEED to do what works best in our own homes.

There is no ideal, there is no “perfect”…

There’s just this…