Who is this “Trusted Mama”?

Who is this “Trusted Mama”?

The Trusted Mama is also known, in real life, as Michelle Dempsey. A native New Yorker, Michelle moved to Miami, Florida in the fall of 2012. Determined to start fresh in the sunshine state, Michelle met her now husband within months of becoming a Florida resident, and just 6 months ago, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl Isabella, who you’ll likely read about quite often.

Michelle studied journalism at American University and earned her BA in Communications from Hofstra University in 2005. Following a gut instinct and a secret passion, Michelle ventured into the world of teaching, special education to be exact, after graduating from Adelphi University with a double masters in childhood and special education.

Michelle taught for almost 8 years, and always thrived on being able to benefit the lives of so many elementary aged children. Through motherhood, Michelle has found her passion, motivation, and a new means to help others. She has become a “trusted mama” among her friends and family, someone who is always willing to help others with their motherhood questions or concerns.

She is by no means an expert, but just another mama hoping to help others with her positive motherhood attitude and all the experience she has gained along the way. Michelle is now writing her way through life, and enjoying every moment of it.

Michelle is currently a head writer at ReFresh Your Step, the Bulk Book Store, and her work has been featured in Forbes as well as Creative Child Magazine.

Michelle is a nurturer, she has a heart as big as her Long Island mouth, and simply lives to make others happy. She currently resides in Hollywood, Florida, with her husband Eliot, their daughter Bella, and their delicious doggy, Blue.

Michelle dedicates this project and this passion to her daughter, her husband, and her mother. Because without the loving guidance and strength that her mother instilled in her, none of this would be possible.

She welcomes all your questions, concerns, ideas and comments – and urges you to trust the mama!

**Michelle is currently a head writer at ReFresh Your Step, the Bulk Book Store, and her work has been featured in Forbes, Elite Daily, and img_0714-1Creative Child Magazine.**

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